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Don’t Miss Techno-Aide’s End of Year Clearance Sale!

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It's the end of 2016, and that means that radiology practices all around the world need to spend the last of their budgets for the year. Fortunately, Techno-Aide is here to make some of those spending decisions easier, with deeply discounted clearance items from the Techno-Aide warehouse. We'll cover some of the highlights below, but don't forget to check the entire clearance sale. We've got more than two dozen discounted items for diagnostic imaging purposes, including a few lead aprons! These are perfect items for your inventory, or as a gift for a radiographic technologist you love.

Highlights from Techno-Aide's Clearance Sale 2016

The Max-Wrap Apron (SKU#: MWLS-21 CL) -

Lead aprons are among Techno-Aide's best selling products. Our Max-Wrap Apron provides some of the best protection available for a variety of applications. This is a coat-style apron, with full coverage for front and back. This is an item that won't go to waste in any radiology practice. You may want to buy up a lot when you hear the price: $49.00, down from $400! Snap them up before the secret gets out!

Hat Guard (SKU#: HCLL-11-CL) -

The hat guard is a simple product concept that provides important protection. It's a lead protection item that keeps radiation from impacting the top of the head. With a large 23"circumference, this will fit just about anybody in your practice. And, reduced from $140 to $25, there's no reason not to buy up a few!

Stealth Cote Rectangle (SKU#: YCEK clearance) -

Our long-time customers will be familiar with our Stealth Core and Stealth Cote positioning sponges. Both provide great support without showing up in radiographic images. The rectangle is one of the most useful positioning sponges in your whole arsenal. A simple 17"x12"x4", these provide the base stabilization you need with so many patients. Snatch up a few while they're cheap, just $110 down from $138.


The MRI room is no place for standard office equipment. The magnetic technology involved can throw improper metal items across the room. These accidents have hurt and even killed patients, so it's important to get items built for the exam room, without sacrificing comfort. Techno-Aide's MRI stool is tested up to 3-Tesla. It's also comfortable and attractive - a plus for technically precise exam room furniture. It's priced to sell at $660, down from $800.

Lead Vest and Skirt Combo (SKU#: SFRL-23 / VGRL-2) -

Lead vests can be heavy to wear after a few hours. That's why we offer this lead vest and skirt combo. Using both provides the same protection as a normal lead vest, with much less weight. Weight is distributed evenly between both shoulders on top, and between the hips for the secondary unit below the waist. It's efficient, practical and affordable at just $199.00 from $440.00!

There are so many more items to see in the Techno-Aide clearance catalog. Take a look and contact us to have your end-of-year order shipped out pronto!




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