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Dose Creep is a Bigger Problem Than the Industry Wants to Admit (Part 2)

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Last time we talked about "Dose Creep", the problem of using too much radiation to create diagnostic images, often in the attempt to get the clearest possible image. It's easy for radiographic technologists to boost radiation levels for X-rays and CT's, often without realizing it. The extra intensity might create greater contrast in the final image, but it does so at the cost of exposing the patient to much higher dosages.

For a full examination of the health hazards of Dose Creep, check out our last blog post. Today, however, we want to talk about the ways that Dose Creep actually impedes the quality of radiographic images. We'll also look at how some of Techno-Aide's core products (Stealth Core and Stealth Cote Positioning Sponges) are adversely affected by Dose Creep.


Dose Creep and Image Quality


Dose Creep creates greater contrast in X-ray images for a simple reason. X-rays are able to completely penetrate the soft tissues of the human body, but they are stopped in their tracks by bone. That's where the natural contrast in X-rays comes from.

Therefore, it stands to reason that if you were to increase the radiation used for an image, the detail and contrast of the final image would be more intense. Fortunately, it is not necessary to bombard a patient with excess radiation; digital imaging technologies can create sufficient contrast on their own! What's more, using nonstandard radiation doses creates just as many imaging problems as it solves.


Stealth Sponges and Dose Creep


Techno-Aide is proud to manufacture the best positioning sponges available anywhere. Our Stealth Sponges exceed expectations in every respect. Their crowning virtue is that they do not appear in the final image, either through heavy ghosting or line artifacts. Prior to the introduction of our Stealth Sponges, coated positioning sponges always appeared as cloudy phantoms in even the best-produced X-ray. Stealth Sponges unique composition and corner-free design eliminates this problem...when the correct amount of radiation is used.

When radiographic technologists exceed industry standards of radiation, even the stealthiest sponge can make an appearance on the final image. After a client complaint, we tested it ourselves. Our tests confirmed the research we did when we originally created Stealth Sponges: Stealth Sponges are invisible in standard diagnostic imaging operations, when industry standard levels of radiation are not exceeded.


A Continued Guarantee of Quality


We invite our customers to try the same test. Create X-ray images with Techno-Aide Stealth Sponges at standard radiation levels. We are sure you'll be happy with the results. Our positioning sponges are the product of rigorous research and development. We are always willing to correct a mistake, but we feel that in this matter, artifacts and heavy ghosting from Stealth Coated Sponges is a symptom of Dose Creep, not a flaw in our product.

We will continue to produce Stealth Sponges, as we're very proud of this addition to the Diagnostic Imaging Market, and we think you'll be happy with the quality they lend to the images your practice produces. We continue to invite any questions or feedback you have about our products.




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