Skin Markers

Skin markers are one of the most important tools that technologist use.  These radiographic markers give rad techs the ability to highlight specific areas of the skin through the use of bb markers, wire markers, semi-translucent, & scar tissue wire markers. Save time, improve accuracy, enhance communication, and provide a better patient experience. Techno-Aide offers many different types of radiology skin makers. Our product line consists of a broad range of radiologic skin markers for mammography, breast biopsies, radiation therapy, MRI, CT scans & general radiology.  Our markers have been designed to fix the problems associated with older or outdated markers-artifacts, burnouts, & skin irritation. We offer skin markers for both analog & digital. Best of all our skins markers are 100% lead free which makes them environmentally friendly.  100% latex free which makes them patient safe!


 X-Ray Markers: Used for: Indication of palpable mass, injury, point of pain, etc. These are the best skin markers you're going to find on the market. If you need super-sticky markers for more difficult types of skin, we have varieties that will stick on any surface. Available with wings and varying types of density. 


 Mammography Markers: Used for: Indication of palpable mass, nipple placement, moles, scars, areas of pain. Yet another type of vital marker for mammography imaging needs, these are available from 1.5mm all the way to 5mm thickness. Dots, wings, strips - whatever variety you're looking for, we've got them. These new digital mammography skin markers will stick to the surface and WILL NOT burnout. Avoid artifacts with these amazing markers.                                              


 MRI Markers: Used for: Indication of palpable mass, area of pain, localizations. The great thing about these MRI skin markers is the fact that they do not indent the skin, eliminating the worry about a compromised image. Whether you need smaller capsules for extremities and breasts or larger varieties for areas like the abdomen or spine, we've got the size you're looking for. 


 CT Markers: Used for: Indication of palpable mass, area of pain, landmark for scanning. These artifact-free markers are easily identifiable as a bright white image to identify any area of concern. Just like all of our markers, they're available in a variety of sizes and are completely safe for patients.