Blankets Apparel Sizing Guide

Blankets and coverings are offered in a variety of sizes to provide protection and a reduction in scatter radiation. NEW for 2019 - our default fabric is our new Anti-Microbial Sapphire Blue. An easy to clean filament reinforced fabric offering the greatest durability and top microbial protection.

Kiddie Kovers -Frog from $180.00 KK-FROG
Kiddie Kovers - Ladybug from $180.00 KK-LBUG
Kiddie Kovers - Bumble Bee from $180.00 KK-BBEE
Kiddie Kovers - Puppy from $180.00 KK-PUPP
Kiddie Kovers - Turtle from $180.00 KK-TURT
Kiddie Kovers - Monkey from $180.00 KK-MNKY
Kiddie Kovers - Butterfly from $180.00 KK-BFLY
Kiddie Kovers - Cat from $180.00 KK-CATT