Whether you are a new or established chiropractor practice, Techno-Aide provides a variety of radiology accessories to meet your imaging needs.

X-ray File Cabinet  from $818.00 608A
Apron Rack Only from $178.00 AGR-105
Chiropractic Bundle Kit from $175.00 BNDL-CK14
10 Lb. Cervical Sandbag Set from $70.00 SBK-CB
Scolio-Guard Spinal Stole from $115.00 SC
Breast Guard from $58.00 BS
Caliper from $57.00 CAL-21
Xray Room Sign from $15.00 XRR-19B CLEARANC
LED Spine / Long Leg Viewbox from $1,200.00 SPN-LED
Single Bank Viewbox Illuminator from $305.00 VBS-10
Mailer With Chipboard  15 X 18 from $85.00 JML-SBC
Mailer Green Diamond  15 X 18 from $108.00 JML-SBD
X-Ray File Storage Boxes from $154.00 ETX-70
2 Bank Viewbox Illuminator from $605.00 VBD-20 CLEARANCE
Marking Pens from $30.00 MPY-11
Pregnant Sign Bilingual  from $20.00 PS-08R