IV Poles

Techno-Aides IV Poles are among the most affordable on the market today. Choose from different base and hook models to fit your needs.

Economy IV Pole 4-Hook Twist Lock from $105.00 BIV-71
IV Pole 2-Hook Knob Lock from $186.00 BIV-72
IV Pole 4-Hook Knob Lock from $209.00 BIV-75
IV Pole 2-Hook Knob Lock / 5 leg from $294.00 BIV-76
IV Pole 4 Hook Knob Lock / 5 Leg from $319.00 BIV-77
Heavy Duty IV Pole  from $683.00 BIV-86
IV Pole Extra base Weight from $47.00 BIV-EW
IV Pole Universal Clamp from $103.00 BIV-UC
IV Pole Outlet Strip from $675.00 BIV-OS
IV Pole Steering Handle from $203.00 BIV-SH
IV Pole Oxygen Tank Holder from $239.00 BIV-OH
Wheelchair One-Hook IV Pole from $118.00 BBWI-IV
Telescoping IV Pole from $372.00 CRH-IV
IV/O2 Accessory for Wheelchairs from $208.00 BBWI-IO
IV Pole for Clinical Chairs from $49.00 CMT-ICIV
MRI IV Pole 2 Hook from $845.00 MBI-70
MRI IV Pole 4 Hook from $590.00 MBI-75