Lamps and lighting

5 Caster Base For Exam Lamp from $80.00 BEL-BASE
LED Exam Light with Casters from $645.00 BEH-94
Desktop Lamp from $125.00 ZELD-DTFS
Incandescent Task Lamp from $325.00 BEL-80
Chrome Exam Light from $198.00 BEL-81
Gooseneck Lamp from $190.00 BEL-40
Economy Lamp from $155.00 BEL-60
Full Spectrum Mobile  Lamp from $463.00 BEL-45
Eco-Series LED Light from $603.00 BEL-98
Economy Lamp with Casters from $490.00 BEL-65
Lamp: Flexi-Lamp from $170.00 ZKDL-FFL
Lamp: Hi-Lo Lamp from $155.00 ZKDL-FHL
MRI Mobile Exam Light from $7,022.00 MBL-01