Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a process that requires specialized consumable products designed just for MRI rooms. Techno-Aide provides a vast offering of consumable products. Ensure the safety, cleanliness and efficiency of your MRI facility with our MRI consumable products by browsing the Techno-Aide website.

MRI Biopsy Tray from $848.00 MBT-10
MRI TMJ Wedge from $578.00 MBP-TMJ
Single Hamper from $440.00 MLH-1WX
Sanicloth BLEACH - Orange Top from $230.00 GWP-B12CS
MRI Earplugs: 33Db from $170.00 MBE-33
MRI Headset Covers from $235.00 MDA-HSC
MRI Earplugs: 29Db from $170.00 MBE-29
MRI Breast Coil Disposable Drapes from $392.00 MDA-BC2
MRI Disposable Headrest Covers  from $320.00 MDA-HRC CLEARAN
MRI Breast Coil Disposable Drapes from $205.00 MDA-BC1
MRI Table Pad for GE 1.5T & 3.0T from $325.00 MFP-22