Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a process that requires specialized products designed just for MRI rooms. Techno-Aide provides a vast offering of products ranging from safety signs, cleaning tools, oxygen systems and transportation devices. Ensure the safety, cleanliness and efficiency of your MRI facility with our MRI products by browsing the Techno-Aide website.Look for many NEW Products that are safe up to 7 Tesla!

MRI Carpet Warning Sign from $413.00 MBN-14C
MRI Safety Carpet from $505.00 MBN-16C
Sign: MRI from $20.00 CMF-01 CLEARANCE
MRI PVC Gurney from $1,844.00 MBG-3PV
MRI Sign from $30.00 CMM-06 CLEARANCE
MRI Mop Handle from $97.00 MBM-MH
MRI Transport Gurney from $10,636.00 MBG-LCP
MRI Mop Head from $260.00 MBM-HO
Prism glasses for children from $367.00 MBY-PC
MRI Approved Transport Gurney: 600# from $10,968.00 MBG-6SS
MRI Sign Mag. Always On (English) from $40.00 MBN-15E
MRI Step Stool from $120.00 MBS-68
MRI Mayo Stand from $351.00 MBM-90
MRI Ear Plug Dispenser Base from $235.00 MBE-DB
MRI Sign Mag. Always On (Spanish) from $41.00 MBN-16S
Lifting Straps (Pair) from $34.00 TBS-ST2
MRI Double Step Stool from $255.00 MBD-74
MRI Wide Step Stool from $193.00 MBS-62