Protective Apparel Apparel Sizing Guide

Superior protective apparel is a necessity for all x-ray technologists and radiologists. Our products offer safety, comfort and variety for any specific need you might have. Browse our inventory to find whatever you might need to best protect you and your patients. NEW for 2019 is our default fabric is our new Anti-Microbial Sapphire Blue. An easy to clean filament reinforced fabric offering the greatest durability and top microbial protection.

Embroidery Per Line from $0.00 EML
Embroidery Patch from $25.00 EMP
New Multi Tubular Apron Rack from $950.00 ARM-500
Vest Guard (Female) from $250.00 VF
EZ Guard Lead Apron from $220.00 EV
Half Apron Semi-Guard from $52.00 SG
Tie Guard Apron from $158.00 EP
Vest Guard (Male) from $200.00 VM
Thyroid Collar - Standard from $52.00 TY
Max-Wrap from $395.00 MW
Palm-Guard Slitted Gloves from $531.00 PSP
Skirt Guard (Female) from $180.00 SF
Vest-Wrap (Male) from $200.00 VB
Vest Wrap (Female) from $200.00 VG