Skin Markers

X-Ray Markers: Used for: Indication of palpable mass, injury, point of pain, etc. These are the best skin markers you're going to find on the market. If you need super-sticky markers for more difficult types of skin, we have varieties that will stick on any surface. Available with wings and varying types of density.

Arrow Skin Marker from $79.00 SDM-A612
Mammography Mole Skin Marker from $94.00 SDG-SS612
3D Soft Mark Arrow Marker from $120.00 SDM-ASDL3
3D Soft Mark Palpable Mass Marker from $120.00 SDM-TSDL3
3D Soft Mark Mole Marker from $100.00 SDG-MSDL3
Skin Marker 1.5mm from $79.00 SDM-BB15
Skin Marker 2.0mm from $79.00 SDM-BB20
Skin Marker 2.5mm from $79.00 SDM-BB25
2D / 3D Breast Tomo Skin Markers from $85.00 SDG-MSD3
Skin Arrow from $125.00 SDM-A1
Skin Line  1.0mm from $95.00 SDW-SS612
Skin Dots  3.0 mm from $149.00 SDM-BB30
Mole Marker from $79.00 SDG-M612
Skin Dots  4.0 mm from $149.00 SDM-BB40
Digital Mammography Skin Strip 2.3mm from $113.00 SDM-NS23
Skin Dots (Rad/Oncology) 5.0mm from $149.00 SDM-BB50
Skin Strip  2.5 mm from $113.00 SDM-NS25
Skin Wings 1.5mm  from $79.00 SDM-W15
Skin Wings 2.0 mm   from $79.00 SDM-W20