Whether you’re looking for ultrasound gels, gel warmers, tables or warming blankets, Techno-Aide can deliver the right ultrasound accessories for your facilities. Stock your workplace with probe covers and disinfectants specifically designed for ultrasounds. Visit the Techno-Aide website to learn more about all of our ultrasound offerings.

Stainless Steel Utility Cart  from $460.00 BCS-73
Protex Disinfectant Spray  $158.00 from $125.00 USA-PRX CL
Power Echo-Scan Table from $10,748.00 BBET-EL
Echo-Scan Table from $3,263.00 BBET-ST
Clean Label from $42.00 JL-CLEAN
Latex Probe Covers  from $1,185.00 USP-LN04CS
Latex Probe Covers  from $831.00 USP-LS01CS
Latex-FREE Non-Sterile Probe Covers from $993.00 USP-FN04CS
Latex FREE Non-Sterile Probe Covers from $536.00 USP-FN12CS
Latex-FREE Probe Covers Sterile from $1,388.00 USP-FS01CS
Latex-FREE  Probe Covers Sterile from $492.00 USP-FS02CS
Latex-FREE Probe Covers Sterile Kit from $534.00 USP-FSK3CS
Latex Probe Covers  from $932.00 USP-LN03CS
Latex Probe Covers  from $813.00 USP-LN02CS
Hover Ultrasound Stool - NEW! from $277.00 ZOWS-15
Blanket Warmer from $4,508.00 BW-210
Blanket Warmer from $7,266.00 BW-710