Techno-Aide supplies veterinarians with quality x-ray protection and x-ray accessories. We offer protective gear, veterinary x-ray gloves, x-ray markers, positioning aides and clinic accessories specifically designed for those working in the veterinary field. Our veterinary bundle kits are a great way to get all of your accessories in one batch. Browse our site to learn more about our immobilizers and scratch-resistant x-ray aprons.

Single Sandbag; 15 Lb.  from $41.00 SBG-15
Pregnant Sign Bilingual  from $20.00 PS-08B
Vinyl Covered Bolster Kit from $429.00 YSU3
Single Sandbag; 20 Lb from $42.00 SBF-20
Vinyl Covered Bolster Kit from $825.00 YSU5
Single Sandbag; 20 Lb.  from $42.00 SBC-20
Bolster Block from $457.00 YVF43
Bolster Block from $303.00 YVF42
45 Degree Bolster Wedge from $248.00 YVFO
Marker Mates (Qty -10) from $35.00 MM-XRAY10
Vinyl Covered Bolster Kit from $1,015.00 YSU4
Vinyl Covered Bolster Kit from $275.00 YSU2
Please Turn Off Cell Phone Sign $15.00 from $0.00 NCP-24B
Cylinder from $224.00 YVF45
Marker Mates from $3.75 MM-XRAY
Kay-Pee Wipes from $95.00 QNTK-CS