Techno-Aide supplies veterinarians with quality x-ray protection and x-ray accessories. We offer protective gear, veterinary x-ray gloves, x-ray markers, positioning aides and clinic accessories specifically designed for those working in the veterinary field. Our veterinary bundle kits are a great way to get all of your accessories in one batch. Browse our site to learn more about our immobilizers and scratch-resistant x-ray aprons.

wall apron rack, 10-arm from $436.00 ARW-10
SCAN ultrasound gel  from $150.00 USS-438
wall apron rack, 5-arm left from $260.00 ARW-L5
wall apron rack, 5-arm right from $260.00 ARW-R5
Apron 2 Peg Rack from $72.00 ARP-02
Caution Sign - Spanish from $15.00 CRA-18
X-Ray File Storage Boxes from $245.00 ETX-70
Apron 6 Peg Rack from $145.00 ARP-06
Vinyl Covered Bolster Kit from $775.00 YSU6
Pregnant Sign Bilingual  from $20.00 PS-08R
30 Degree Cardiac Wedge from $366.00 YVDB
Bolster Block from $127.00 YVFI
Caution X-Ray Sign from $20.00 CRA-15
Cover Guard Glasses from $150.00 LES-C
Thin Clipper Marker from $28.00 CPP-40
Vinyl Covered Bolster Kit from $399.00 YSU1