Techno-Aide supplies veterinarians with quality x-ray protection and x-ray accessories. We offer protective gear, veterinary x-ray gloves, x-ray markers, positioning aides and clinic accessories specifically designed for those working in the veterinary field. Our veterinary bundle kits are a great way to get all of your accessories in one batch. Browse our site to learn more about our immobilizers and scratch-resistant x-ray aprons.

Z Base Mobile Apron Rack from $280.00 ARM-ZNH
Caution Xray Sign from $15.00 CXR-13EB CLEARAN
20 Degree Bolster Wedge from $185.00 YVFC
Aquasonic Clear Ultrasound Gel from $89.00 USC-100
Medium Non-Coated Immobilizer from $40.00 QYFCB
Xray Room Sign from $15.00 XRR-19R CLEARANC
45 Degree Bolster Wedge from $200.00 YVFD
Aquasonic Clear Ultrasound Gel from $45.00 USC-500
Caliper from $57.00 CAL-21
Large Non-Coated Immobilizer from $77.00 QYFCC
Xray Room Sign from $15.00 XRR-19B CLEARANC
20 degree Bolster Wedge  from $268.00 YVFE
SCAN ultrasound gel 1 gallon from $36.00 USS-380
Flexible Lead Blocker Set from $258.00 FLS-78
XL Non-Coated Immobilizer from $138.00 QYFCD
General Sandbag Set - from $253.00 SBK-GA
Bolster Block   from $94.00 YVFG
Skull Personal Touch Markers from $22.00 PT-SKW
Small Coated Immobilizer from $54.00 QYCCA
SCAN ultrasound gel 237ml bottle from $58.00 USS-024