MRI Non-Magnetic Fiducial Markers



MRI Non-Magnetic Fiducial Markers

A powerful new tool, engineered to provide features never before available on an elongated fiducial marker. Designed for higher visibility and greater stability in tissue, the Fiducial Marker lets you target tumors with confidence, whether using CT, MR, Portal, or Ultrasound imaging. Elongated gold fiducial markers that provide accuracy, stability in soft tissue, and greater visibility in MRI, CT Portal and Ultrasound.  Features a 99.95% gold construction and unique snake-like design.  Its structure enables it to flex with soft tissue and it will not unravel like other coil-style markers.  
Since it is longer that a standard fiducial, fewer markers can be used, thus minimizing the number of needle sticks necessary.  Additionally, the innovative design greatly reduces bending problems associated with the injection process as compared to other linear soft tissue markers.
1 per pack

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Box 1: 15" x 2" x 6" (1.00 lbs.)

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1.15mm x 1cm, 20cm Needle, 17 gauge

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