Pediatric Accessory Bundle


Imaging children and pediatric patients can be challenging. Especially if you don’t have the imaging accessories that you need. The Pediatric Xray Accessory Bundle from Techno-Aide gives you all the items that you need in one bundle to allow you to do what you do best - image children.  Choose your colors and you are all set to go!

TPL  Thyroid Collar for Children  
LKL  Child Half Apron Light weight lead  
GMR4 Pediatric Gonad Guards  - Male set of 4  
GFR5 Pediatric Gonad Guards  - Female set of 5
KGL Child front protection apron - light weight lead
SCL-C Child Scolio Guard light weight lead
BSL-C Child Breast Guard light weight lead
CAL-21 Caliper
PAD-36 Half table Pad
TBH-2332 Half Transfer Board
SBK-PA Pediatric Sand Bags
YKPA Pediatric Sponges Kit  
KK-TURT Kiddie Kover—Turtle protective blanket
GBS-3 Diaper Guard Pediatric set of 3
GDR Diaper Guard for older childen

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