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Techno-Aide Terms and Conditions:

Please review the term and conditions below as some policies have changed and these new terms are effective January 2, 2020.



Techno-Aide prices are presented on a master price list issued to dealers annually and upon request. Prices are also represented on the Techno-Aide website. All prices are subject to change. Techno-Aide reserves the right to adjust pricing on all items as deemed necessary. Pricing for quotes given by Techno-Aide are valid for 90 days. Pricing is valid for entire quote, not on individualized products. Listed or quoted prices exclude taxes, shipping, insurance, and any other applicable fees where necessary. These (or any) additional fees and charges will be the sole obligation of the customer. Emergency, rush or expedited orders are subject to additional shipping and/or handling fees not included in listed pricing. Taxes (where applicable) are charged per order by Federal standards. Orders placed in Tennessee are subject to Tennessee State sales tax and will be billed accordingly unless a valid exemption certificate is on file with Techno-Aide prior to an order being placed. Any pricing discrepancies must be reported within 10 business days from the invoice date. Any pricing discrepancy must be reported within this time frame or Techno-Aide shall reserve the right to bear no obligation to issue any credit or adjust any invoice. Filing pricing discrepancy claims is the sole obligation of the customer.


Payment Terms

Payment terms are Net 30 days from the date of invoice on all new and current accounts. For your convenience we accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, ACH, and Wire Transfer. Techno-Aide may suspend shipments if payment of any customer invoice is not paid when due or if Techno-Aide otherwise deems itself insecure and (II) shall be entitled to receive all expenses of collection (including attorneys' fees) related to any action initiated to collect past-due amounts.  Accounts will go on permanent Payment in Advance when there is a history of past dues. Third party collection fees and legal fees must be paid in full before an account can be reopened.



Techno-Aide does not require a minimum to place an order for any product. Techno-Aide reserves the right to require a minimum purchase amount or establishing a "standing order" to provide certain specialty pricing or guarantee certain lead times. Techno-Aide is not responsible for duplicate shipments if received orders are not clearly marked/noted accordingly. Orders must be marked "do not duplicate" or "revised order" or another clear identification of a non-duplicate order. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to provide accurate information prior to Techno-Aide processing a purchase order. Restocking fees will apply to duplicate shipments. Techno-Aide reserves the right to split shipments when deemed necessary by Techno-Aide and customer.  


Techno-Aide will accept orders in the following manners

By phone - Orders placed by phone will require a contact email address at the time of the order. An emailed copy of the order will be sent to the customer on a Techno-Aide proprietary order form for final verification and authorization. Payment processing and shipping calculation will depend on an individual account status and require an additional step.

By email - Orders sent to Orders@Techno-Aide.com will be placed and charged based on the individual account status. All orders placed through email will receive email confirmation containing the customers sales order number for the order. 


Cancellation and/or Modification

Techno-Aide does not have a penalty charge or fee for cancellation of standard orders (non-specialty or non-custom products as noted on purchase order) prior to the production process beginning. Cancellations, modifications, or changes to orders or products (including specialty and custom products as noted on purchase order) will be allowed prior to the production process beginning. Cancellations, modifications, or changes may not be allowed once the production process has begun on any order. Any attempts at cancellation, modification, or change to an order or product may be subject to additional fees, up to 50% of the purchase price. This includes any products with additional or free options added. Including but not limited to embroidery, personalization, custom colors, non-standard color combinations, fabrics, sizes, quantities and materials. All requests for cancellation, modification or changes must have a verified confirmation from Techno-Aide to be valid. Confirmation will be given through written or digital means depending on the receipt of the request.



Shipping will either be prepaid, added to invoice, or charged to provided customer account. Shipping charges will originate from Nashville, TN (37209) or an authorized location. All orders have a minimum of a $7.95 charge for invoiced shipping, handling, and insurance. All shipping will default to Techno-Aide's standard shipping service (and minimum amount) unless notated on original purchase order. Techno-Aide requires preferred shipping account information with submitted purchase orders to charge accordingly. All freight estimates are for dock to dock deliveries only. Additional services are available, and fees may apply.


Shipping Services

Standard freight - Requires a suitable commercial height receiving dock. Heavy or oversized items will not be unloaded to ground level.

Curbside unloading - Available upon request. For deliveries without a suitable dock. Additional charges will apply.

Lift gate and inside delivery - For deliveries without a loading dock that require product be placed inside the front door. Specifics and charges are governed by local freight services. Additional charges will apply. 

White Glove delivery - Full-service delivery and setup options. Product is removed from truck, unloaded from skid, and placed for use at your desired location or room. Full assembly is available upon request. All packaging and shipping materials are removed and disposed of. Pricing quotes are based on customer specified needs at time of order. Additional charges will apply.

 Proof of delivery - Techno-Aide will provide proof of delivery upon request. Additional charges will apply.

Expedited or guaranteed shipping - Options for expedited or guaranteed shipping are available. Options are available on an order basis. Additional charges will apply.  Techno-Aide shall have no liability whatsoever for on time delivery of carrier. Carrier shipping is out of Techno-Aide's control.

For information regarding freight, shipping and handling services, or any special related inquiries, please contact Techno-Aide customer service at (800)251-2629 or email customer service at CustomerService@Techno-Aide.com.


Warranty /Returns/ Exchanges  (NEW AND UPDATED for 2020)

Techno-Aide shall manufacture its products in accordance with the requirements of all applicable law, including without limitations, the regulations promulgated by and for the Federal Food and Drug Administration and industry standards. Techno-Aide guarantees its products to be free from defects in parts and workmanship under normal use from the date of delivery to the original end user. Techno-Aide will not be responsible for any Product failure due to abuse, modification or improper use, or for any use which exceeds the published capacity of the product.

Do not discard parts before contacting Techno-Aide for warranty service, as Techno-Aide may require the customer to send in defective parts for examination to determine the applicability of these warranty provisions. Techno-Aide reserves the right to dispose of non-defective returned product if the customer fails to respond to requests for information for 15 days from receipt of product. Techno-Aide shall have no liability whatsoever for damages caused by transportation, accidents, fire, unauthorized alteration, or normal wear or abuse. Techno-Aide will have no liability whatsoever for any incidental or consequential damages, including without limitation, lost profits or any such damages arising from (a) the design, manufacture, sale, delivery, installation, repair, operation or use of Products of Techno-Aide or any part thereof, (b) any actual or alleged failure or defect in Products of Techno-Aide or any part thereof, or (c) any actual or alleged breach or non-performance by Techno-Aide of this limited warranty.

Protective Apparel and Protective accessories carry a two-year limited warranty on workmanship and material defects. All other products, unless specified, carry a one-year limited warranty.

All return or exchange requests require a valid Return Material Authorization (RMA) form. RMA requests must be made prior to the return or exchange of any product. RMA numbers must be referenced visibly and legibly on the outside of all packaging containing requested return or exchange product(s).  


RMA requests must include the following:

(1)         A detailed description of the reason for a requested return or exchange.

(2)         The original purchase order number(s).

(3)         Techno-Aide item number(s) for all products.

(4)         Quantities listed for all requested return/exchange products.

(5)         Product photo for documentation may be required


Techno-Aide will authorize returns for complete credit in the event a manufacturing error or defect is reason for return or exchange within 90 days of purchase. A credit memo will be issued only after returned or exchanged merchandise is received, inspected and validated by Techno-Aide. Personalized, custom, sterile, or specialty items are non-returnable for any reason other than manufacturing defect or error. Personalized, custom, and specialt items are subject to the same return and exchange process and polices as stated above. Returns for anything other than manufacturing defects or production errors on personalized, custom, or specialty items are not authorized.

General Products  (Non apparel/foam) Returns:

All authorized returns for non-apparel and non-foam products are subject to a minimum 20% restocking fee. Please note the following updated policies.

1. Item can be returned if it has obvious manufacturing flaws that cannot be fixed with spare parts.

2. Any painted product that is defective in "finishing" must be acknowledged within 10 business days of receiving product. Photo of defective paint must be provided to Techno-Aide with these 10 business days to be eligible for return.

3. Products cannot be returned if item has been used for a duration of more than 30 days, if item has been misused or abused by the customer, if item has been damaged due to normal wear and tear, if item has been used for something other than its intended purpose, if item was listed as a discontinued product at time of sale, if item was purchased from clearance, or custom.   

4. Sandbags, table pads, vet troughs, immobilizers, & other non-durable items (sponges/bolsters not included) will be issued a prorated credit. Credit will be calculated based on the item sales price and prorated based off the remaining duration of the warranty.


Protection Returns:

All protective apparel products have a two-year manufactures warranty. The 2 years starts on the shipment date from Techno-Aide as indicated on the product tag. This warranty is calculated based on the item sales price and prorated based off the remaining duration of the warranty. All protective apparel products are subject to a minimum 50% breakdown and restocking fee, with the exception of manufacture defects.  In order to be eligible for return, item MUST have the Techno-Aide Tag still in place on the garment.  Additional warranty and returns policies written below:


1. Returns are acceptable if garments or protection products have been worn or used less than 10 days from time of shipment. If used during any medical procedure, the item is non-returnable.

2. Any item that has been customized in size, fit, non-standard color combination, or embroidery is non-returnable.

3. Items cannot be returned for the following complaints after 10 days. (Weight, fit, style, color, pinholes, cracks, tears, damage to protective core material, etc.)

4. Protective two-year warranty covers degradation of media, integrity of the garment per the intended use, and unraveling seams or binding. This warranty does not cover general wear and tear, broken buckles, holes torn in garment from regular and general use, abrasions and or seams being torn from misuse and abuse.

5. In the case of a warranty replacement, the replacement item is only warrantied for the remaining of the original two-year warranty.


Foam Returns:

Techno-Aide will authorize returns for complete credit in the event a manufacturing error or defect is reason for return or exchange within 10 days of purchase for Foam products. A credit memo will be issued only after returned or exchanged merchandise is received, inspected and validated by Techno-Aide. Private branded and custom items are non-returnable for any reason other than manufacturing defect.  Additional warranty and returns policies written below:

1. Foam positioners and bolsters can be returned to Techno-Aide if new and in unused condition in its original sealed packaging. 25% restocking fee applies. Custom foam positioners and bolsters are non-returnable.

2. If foam positioners show questionable artifacts, it can be returned for FREE, pending customer submits a copy of the image showing artifact in question, along with picture of items current condition with 10 days of receiving product. Replacements will not be issued for foam products damaged, soiled, marked on, or heavily used.

 3. Returns will not be issued if the foam positioner or bolster has been used and removed from its original sealed packaging. Returns will not be issue for discoloration as this is a normal process of foam oxidation. Returns will not be issued for normal wear and tear or from fingernail tears from moving and or picking up the foam products.


Additional General return guidelines effective January 2, 2020.

1. Customers can return unused, non-customized, standard color combination, non-sterile items not worn or used more than 10 days, or opened from its sealed packaging. Techno-Aide products that are not wanted or that were ordered in error will incur a minimum 25% restocking fee. All return or exchange requests require a valid Return Material Authorization (RMA)

2. Non-warranty product returns or exchanges must be prepaid to Techno-Aide. Non-warranty product returns or exchanges must be free of damage and must have the original Techno-Aide packaging intact upon receipt. Damages incurred during shipping to Techno-Aide are the responsibility of the shipper and shipping company. Techno-Aide bears no responsibility for product damaged during shipping and any efforts to recoup expenses due to shipping or handling damage.


Damaged Goods

All products leave our building with an authorized receipt of merchandise, validating all products left in good condition and acceptance of shipping liabilities. If a product arrives damaged, incomplete or in any condition other than noted on the authorized receipt of merchandise, it is the sole responsibility of the consignee (ship-to) to note visible damage or shortages on the bill of lading prior to the carrier leaving the delivery facility. Failure to properly note any damage or discrepancies on the bill of lading at the time of delivery will void any attempted freight claim which may forfeit or delay any potential credit. Some instances may require a carrier inspector to validate shipments prior to any claim. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to retain all shipping items and material as required by the carrier inspector. Techno-Aide will gladly assist in any instance that may require a carrier inspector validate shipments. However, Techno-Aide bears no responsibility for damaged products, lost items, or any issues related to shipping and/or handling of product. Techno-Aide makes no claim and bears no responsibility for reimbursement for issues related to damage, lost items, or any other issues during shipping and/or handling. All reporting or inspections must be filed within five (5) business days from the delivery date. Delayed reporting can delay or void the carrier's responsibility to pay any claim and may negate any credit authorized by Techno-Aide. Any replacements authorized through Techno-Aide are handled as separate purchase orders. Authorized replacements will require their own purchase order number for billing and records. Any potential credits will be applied to the original purchase order.



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