Message from our President & CEO



March 19, 2020



To our valued customers,



On Tuesday, March 3, around 12:30 A.M., an EF-3 tornado touched down near Techno-Aide's plant in west Nashville. That tornado would eventually travel over 60 miles causing extensive damage throughout Middle Tennessee. Our facility was directly in its path. 


It would be several hours before we would learn the devastating news that our plant was severely damaged. By daybreak it was clear that 75% of the walls caved in and much of the roof had fallen into the plant destroying machinery and inventory alike while rendering the manufacturing and warehouse portions of our building unsafe for entry.


While seeing Techno-Aide's home for over 30 years destroyed was both shocking and surreal, it was not a tragedy. There were no Techno-Aide employees in the building at the time of the tornado and for that we feel very blessed. Had the tornado come through during the workday it would have been truly tragic.



Today, sixteen days since the tornado, we have made significant progress for the future of Techno-Aide. We have been able to assess the damage, recover servers and files, move into temporary office space, develop a roadmap for getting the business back to full strength and locate an excellent property we hope will be the long-term home for Techno-Aide.


The Techno-Aide family has been amazing through all of this. Our morale is high and we are unified in our commitment to the future of the company. We see this tornado as an opportunity to take giant leaps forward for the future of Techno-Aide and we are collectively leaning into this unique situation. We fully expect to come out stronger on the other side.


In the meantime, our team is working through its plans to progressively bring the business back one step at a time. Once we land in a new facility, we expect to begin filling orders for some product categories very quickly. 


Rest assured, our commitment to clear communication will never change. Those of you with open or pending orders can expect an update from our customer service team soon. While we may not be able to provide full information for every order immediately, please know Techno-Aide isn't going anywhere. We are making steady progress, even as we work through the added complexities due to coronavirus. Our mission to be fast, affordable, and easy to work compels us forward and we fully intended to deliver on it.


We have be so encouraged with the support from our customers and suppliers over the last two weeks. We feel blessed to be able to serve you and your company. Thank you for your patience as we get back on our feet.



Bill Seaver, President & CEO