Lap Guard Half Apron Room Bundles



Techno-Aide is proud to offer our Lap Guard Half Apron Bundles!

These prebuilt bundles are a convenient and quick way to outfit virtually any imaging facility. Each bundle includes four color-coded lap guard half apron sizes and a low-profile apron storage rack. Available with your choice of hook & loop or buckle closures and free embroidery.

Included Products:

Small Lap Guard Half Apron - 54-Berry - 0.5mm Pb Regular Lead

Medium Lap Guard Half Apron - 23-Gray - 0.5mm Pb Regular Lead

Large Lap Guard Half Apron - 11-Royal Blue - 0.5mm Pb Regular Lead

X-Large Lap Guard Half Apron - 33-Black - 0.5mm Pb Regular Lead

Wall Mounted Storage Rack - 2 Pegs [white]


- Superior frontal protection for a patient's vital organs

- Convenient unisex sizing and either a buckle or hook & loop closure

- Features 0.5mm Pb equivalent front protection

- Free embroidery/monogramming included - must specify embroidery when ordering 

- Bundle includes one (x1) small, medium, large and x-large size

- Color-coded fabrics for quick size identification

- Wall mounted storage rack protect garments and allows quick access


Shipping Note: This product ships in multiple boxes.
Shipping Information:
Box 1: 32" x 5" x 5" (10.00 lbs.)
Box 2: 11" x 11" x 10" (4 lbs.)

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PID: 6580

We have more protective apparel options including more lap guard half aprons.

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