Lap Guard Half Apron Room Bundles



Save time and save money with Techno-Aide's premium Lap Guard Half Apron Room Bundle. Each room bundle includes four Lap Guard Half Apron sizes in easy to identify colors, and a wall mounted apron storage rack to safely and securely store each garment for quick access. These bundles are the ideal solution to outfit any imaging facility! 

Designed for use in nearly any imaging facility, Techno-Aide's new multipurpose Lap Guard Half Aprons are the ideal multi-purpose garment! Featuring a uniform design and sizes to meet any need, these specialty protective aprons combine two products into one simple solution!


- Each bundle includes one small, medium, large and x-large lap guard half apron

- Choose between buckle or Velcro-style hook & loop closure

- Available with FREE embroidery!

- Premium unisex design for easy and confident shopping

- Multi-purpose style to meet nearly any need

- Convenient color-coded garments for quick size identification

- Premium protection at an affordable price

- New design combines two popular products into one to save time and money!

- Included wall mounted storage rack helps protect garments and allows quick & convenient access

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We have more protective apparel options including more lap guard half aprons.

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