Techno-Aide is proud to present our one-of-a-kind EZ Fit Sizing Tool.

Measuring for protective apparel shouldn't be complicated, it should be EZ!




Say goodbye to complicated time-consuming tape-measuring, and unreliable digital sizing apps. This simple and easy to use measuring tool works for people of all shapes and sizes, and helps you get the perfect fit the very first time. Whether you need full-length aprons, or two-piece vests and skirts, this universal and effortless tool quickly and accurately fits you into the perfect Techno-Aide Apron every time!


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Follow these simple instructions to use our EZ Fit Sizing Tool:

1) First, check your EZ Fit Sizing Tool for the following parts. Each measuring tool should have:

   - A unisex measuring drape.

   - A proprietary measuring belt.


2) To begin, first determine the style of apron or aprons that you need.

   - For full length aprons, both front and full-wrap styles, as well as skirts, you will use the long side of the measuring drape.

   - For vests, you will use the shorter side of the measuring drape.


3) Once you have determined the appropriate style of apron, slip the drape over your head with the chosen side facing forward.


4) Next, identify the correct measuring point for the included belt.

   - For full length aprons as well as vests, choose the widest point of your body inside of the arms, from the armpit down to your knees.

   - For skirts, choose the widest point of your body from the navel down to your knees.

   - Areas such as the chest, belly, or hips will commonly be the widest point. However, this will vary by person.

5) Once the widest point has been determined, comfortable wrap the measuring belt around this area and use the hook & loop connectors to secure it in place.

   - Take extra care to ensure the belt fits snugly and comfortably, and stays in position without sliding as you move around horizontally and vertically.

   - Do not over-tighten, or wear the belt too loosely, as this can lead to an incorrect measurement.


6) Using the clearly marked areas on the measuring belt, make note of the size bracket that the "Your Size Here Arrow" lands in.

   - This is your width for the apron, vest or skirt you are measuring for.

   - If measuring for multiple items, note each width individually as sizes can vary for each product.

   - Should the arrow land between two segments, Techno-Aide recommends sizing up to the larger option to ensure a comfortable fit.

7) Next, use the drape to measure the appropriate length for your selected apron, vest or skirt.

   - For full length aprons and skirts, Techno-Aide recommends the bottom of the garment rest between the middle and bottom of your kneecaps to provide full unhindered mobility and proper protection.

   - For vests, Techno-Aide recommends the bottom of the vest rest just below the belt line, accounting for a two-inch overlap with a corresponding skirt to ensure proper protection when moving around.


8)   Ensure the drape is in the correct position before measuring by adjusting the neckline till it lines up evenly with your sternal notch. 


9) Once the drape is in the correct position, note the preferred length of your apron or vest by choosing the size bracket that comfortably rests within these recommended areas.

   - Do not be alarmed if sizes are the same for both width and length. This means you do not require any custom adjustments and can simply order one of our standard sized unisex aprons.


10) Using these noted widths and lengths, you can now order your apparel items with confidence and peace of mind.

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11) If you need to order a custom product, please contact our customer service team directly via email at, or call us at 1-800-251-2629.