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The Best Lead Apron Storage and Lead Apron Hangers

Written by Ryan Pryor on August 11, 2021
Category: X-Ray Lead Aprons


If your hospital, clinic, dental offices, or other medical office requires protective apparel such as lead shielding aprons for radiation protection, you know just how important choosing the right x-ray lead apron is for you and your team. With the potential different styles and sizes of lead aprons in your facility, storing lead aprons and other garments safely and securely is a high priority. You want to help extend the life of your protective garments by quickly and conveniently storing them on quality racks between use. Among the varying options of protective supplies and accessories available, how do you select the best lead apron storage to keep your x-ray aprons organized and to best fit your imaging offices?


First, consider whether or not your x-ray lead aprons will need to be stored in a permanent location or if you require a storage rack to be movable to other areas of radiation exposure. If you'd prefer garments to have a set placement, a wall-mounted rack would be a great solution. However, if you need a storage option that allows for easy movement around your facility, a mobile rack would be your best choice. 


Once you know the type of rack, you can choose among the number of aprons you will need to be stored per rack. If you're interested in a rack with pegs, you can select two, six, or even eight pegs per rack. With a rack with arms, most are available with five or ten swinging arms. A Z-Base rack will hold aprons based on weight but require lead apron hangers for each garment. 

Wall Mounted X-Ray Lead Apron Racks


Wall Mounted Swing-Arm Apron Rack


This rack is an affordable storage option that offers permanent storage with easy adjustment. The Wall Mounted Swing-Arm Apron Rack is made with easy-glide medical-grade bushings for low resistance and smooth arm movement. The heavy-duty all-steel frame offers long-term durability and functionality. This rack is available with 5-arms that swing left or right, or 10-arms that swing both left and right. 


Wall Mounted Apron Storage Rack


This is a great low-profile solution that includes quick "grab-n-go" 6-inch angled pegs for fast, convenient, and no-slip apron access. Each storage rack features a superior formed design for increased stability and a durable white finish. The pre-drilled mounting holes work with most modern stud spacings. This rack is available with two, six, or eight heavy-duty 6-inch pegs. 


Wall Mounted Apron Hanging Rack 


The Wall Mounted Apron Hanging Rack is designed for even the smallest imaging rooms. This premium low-profile design only requires 7" of clearance. The all-steel construction ensures long-lasting and durable functionality, perfect for continuous daily use. A sturdy and smooth hanging bar allows for quick loading and unloading of garments. Each apron hanging rack features pre-drilled mounting holes for a speedy setup.

Wall Mounted Apron and Glove Hanging Rack


The Wall Mount Apron and Glove Hanging Rack is doing double duty. Just like the wall mounted apron hanging rack, this storage rack also includes an additional two rounded top vertical adapters that offer a universal fit and help protect the interior of stored gloves. 

Mobile Lead Apron Racks


Mobile Swing-Arm Apron Rack


The Mobile Swing-Arm Apron Rack offers a moveable garment storage option at the right price. This rack includes four easy-glide medical-grade locking casters for quick and convenient room-to-room movement. The heavy-duty all-steel frame offers long-term durability and functionality. These easy-to-move mobile racks create the ideal on-the-go protective garment storage solution with an all-new anti-tip, low clearance H-Base. It is available with 5-arms that swing left or right, 10-arms that swing both left and right, or 10-arms with six (6) vertical glove adapters.

Mobile Z-Base Apron Storage Rack


This rack is the perfect way to safely store aprons with on-the-go, movable accessibility with upright storage reducing the chance of creases and breakdown of lead aprons and other protective garments. The Mobile Z-Base Apron Storage Rack is made of durable and lightweight chrome-plated steel. This z-base storage rack features four heavy-duty casters for extreme mobility and has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. With just a 5ft by 5ft storage space, this apron rack is designed to easily store every type of protective apparel! This storage rack does require lead apron hangers with each hanging garment. 

Lead Apron Hanger


Steel Apron Hanger


These sturdy 21" chrome-plated steel hangers are specifically designed for durability and to extend the life of your lead vests and other protective apparel. Each lead apron hanger features a smooth swivel head. These hangers easily hang on any apron rack, in storage lockers, the back of a door, or other apparel storage solutions. The edges of the hanger are upturned to stop garments from slipping off, and they are the perfect multi-purpose application for all types of garments even specialty apparel and accessories.


At Techno-Aide, we want to provide you the best protective apparel and supplies to keep you safe. Having the right lead apron storage is a great way to care for the protective materials that protect you. If you need any help picking the correct front protection aprons, full protection aprons, or proper apron racks or storage, please don't hesitate to contact us today about your protective equipment needs.