Hello and welcome to Techno-Aide! Thank you for visiting us and giving us the opportunity to tell you about our company. We are located in the great state of Tennessee, more specifically, the city of Nashville and have been selling healthcare furniture, radiology accessories, and more since 1977.



In 1977, the founder of Techno-Aide began manufacturing x-ray identification markers and x-ray copiers in his dining room under the name of X-Ray of Tennessee, Inc. As Chief Technologist at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, he had a keen awareness of which products could "aide the technologist" in becoming a more efficient professional. The business was moved to rented office space in 1981, but it was soon outgrown. An expanding product line and growing customer base forced three additional moves over the next five years to larger facilities as the company became recognized nationally as a supplier of x-ray accessory products.

In 1983, Stumb Metal Products, a local metal fabrication shop who had been manufacturing custom x-ray carts and cabinets for the company, was purchased. Later that same year, the metal shop and the x-ray business were moved into a new facility so all operations could exist under one roof. Originally, Techno-Aide products were sold directly to hospitals and clinics. Soon, dealers around the country became interested in and wanted to represent the company, and the name X-Ray of Tennessee no longer fit. So, in 1986, the name was changed to Techno-Aide, which had been the trade name for the line of x-ray markers and the company began focusing on its dealer network as the primary source for sales and support.

The company was sold to the Atlantic Envelope Division of National Service Industries, a $2 billion conglomerate, in 1988. During the next eleven years, Techno-Aide prospered through a renewed sales and marketing effort and a much needed overhaul in the manufacturing facility. Superior service and the highest quality products were the results. In the summer of 1999, Techno-Aide was purchased by BSC Enterprises, LLC, who brought a new focus to this leading x-ray supplier... "give our customers more of what they need through growth and expansion, without losing the careful attention to personal customer service that has become one of our hallmarks."

And finally, early in 2003, Techno-Aide, Inc., was purchased by Hudson Valley LLC, of New York. Proof once again that a long list of loyal and satisfied customers has been the key to strong and steady growth and success. Techno-Aide has always maintained the philosophy of focusing on the needs of radiology technologists and the medical community. Our top quality products, innovative styles and superior customer service are the reasons our customers and dealers are solid in their loyalty and are proud to represent the Techno-Aide line of products. Our pledge is to do everything possible to keep our customers coming back to Techno-Aide, time and time again.

Please look at our inventory and if you don't see what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly customer service representatives at 1-800-251-2629.  We work hard to make available all the best high quality products with the best prices. Please check back often as we update our product offerings on a regular basis. Thank you and have a great day!