X-Ray Markers

Techno-Aide is your best source for x-ray lead markers. We offer many different varieties of x-ray markers including wafer thin, clips, timers, digital, mammography, oncology, skin and word markers. We also provide accessories like marking pins, marker keepers, letter holders and sets. Personalize and customize your x-ray markers and make Techno-Aide your one-stop source for any and all types of x-ray marker and marker accessories.

Personal Touch Markers - Pink from $20.00 PT-PK
LOOK Markers from $22.00 TA-LK
Wafer Thin Word Marker from $16.00 WTW-23
Flat Mounted Words from $1.00 XVFW-0136
Personal Touch Marker - Skull from $22.00 PT-SKW-BO
Wafer Thin Without Initials from $21.00 WTS-4
Flat Mounted Words from $2.00 XVFW-2336
Flat Mounted Words from $7.00 XVFW-8036
Flat Mounted Words from $7.00 XVFW-8014
Wafer Thin Word Marker from $19.00 WTW-45
Wafer Thin Word Marker from $22.00 WTW-67
Personal Touch Glitter Markers from $20.00 PT-GP
Wafer Thin Word Marker from $25.00 WTW-80
Wafer Thin Arrow Marker from $10.00 WTW-A3