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Ordering Options for Custom Xray Markers

Written by Ryan Pryor on September 13, 2021
Category: X-Ray Markers

There are almost countless ways you can get the perfect custom xray markers for your imaging office. Whether you are looking for xray markers with initials, personalized xray markers, and even what you might call cute xray markers, here…

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The Best Lead Aprons for Radiation Protection

Written by Ryan Pryor on September 08, 2021
Category: X-Ray Lead Aprons

There are many types of protective apparel and supplies to help shield harmful radiation. Along with barriers…

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How to Select the Best Radiation Safety Glasses

Written by Ryan Pryor on August 24, 2021
Category: Radiation Glasses

Radiation safety is important whether you work at a hospital, dental practice, x-ray lab, or another imaging facility. You should adequately protect your entire body against potentially dangerous radiation by wearing the correct protective apparel or your long-term health and…

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