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Table Pads: Finding the Right X-Ray Pad for Your Needs

Written by Ryan Pryor on August 11, 2021
Category: Table Pads


If you're looking for a cost-effective way to improve patient comfort and stability while also adding a way to protect tables with increasing infection control during imaging procedures, a heavy duty table pad, or x-ray pad, is an important addition to your MRI or imaging office. 


Imaging table pads are a low-cost upgrade to a cold, hard imaging table which may not offer the best patient experience during an imaging procedure. They fit tables of most sizes and can also improve a stretcher that is still operational but fit perfectly to provide some additional enhancement. Other than the cushioning x ray pads provide, they're easy to clean with a mild cleaner or germicide so you better control infection from the same product.


The type of x-ray pad required depends on the type and duration of the procedure, and the kind of patient. One feature for consideration is the thickness. Standard imaging table pads are manufactured in either 1" thick comfort foam for X-ray imaging and 2" thick high-density foam for longer procedures where the risk of pressure sores is greater. 


Another feature is sizing. Pads are made in either standard 72"x23.25"x1" or standard plus 80"x30"x1" Finally, the type of padding is important. You can either choose between a firm or comfort foam for the inside of the pad. A more premium model might offer memory foam as well. 


Table pad fabrics vary but most commonly come in black vinyl or blue vinyl with the additional option for black techno-tuff vinyl. Vinyl pads are radiolucent and latex-free, and the vinyl top is easy to clean and heat resistant to prevent types of potential heat damage. Most x ray pads also can come either with and without brass grommets for hanging storage like on a wall mounted storage rack


Techno-Aide is proud to offer the largest selection of economy, standard and premium table pads on the market among table pad companies. Our pads are available in specific sizes designed to fit virtually any x-ray table and meet nearly any imaging need. With all the different options, you can create a custom table pad to fit your specifications to sure 100% satisfaction. 



  • Comfortable and durable fabric over a premium foam interior
  • Available with reinforced vinyl or 4-way stretch comfort fabric 
  • Perfect for x-ray tables and stretchers
  • Increases patient comfort and stability
  • Premium boxed corners provide a superior finish and look
  • Available in standard sizes designed for virtually any application
  • Radiolucent and cleanable surface!



Economy Radiolucent X-ray Table Pad


Techno-Aide economy table pads feature a cost-effective, light blue vinyl over a premium foam interior. Lightweight and simple, our economy table pads are a must-have imaging accessory at an affordable price. These popular table pads can be used on imaging tables or stretchers to provide added comfort and stability for patients.



Standard Radiolucent X-ray Table Pad


Techno-Aide's standard table pads feature an upgraded, reinforced vinyl over a premium foam interior. With increased comfort and durability versus our economy pads, standard table pads are a must-have imaging accessory at a great price. Our most popular table pad style can also be used on imaging tables or stretchers.



Premium Radiolucent X-ray Table Pad 


Techno-Aide's premium radiolucent table pads are the ultimate imaging solution! The superior foam interior is covered in either a durable, reinforced vinyl, or our unique 4-way stretch comfort fabric. These exceptional table pads can be used on imaging tables or stretchers to provide premium comfort and stability for any patient. All premium table pads feature deluxe, completely sealed and sewn boxed corners for a high-quality finish. 



Our customer service team is here to guide you to matching the Techno-Aide imaging pad to your needs. We can help you prepare a quote for a mix of sizes, or if you prefer, you can start our easy-to-use quoting process online.