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The Best Lead Aprons for Radiation Protection

Written by Ryan Pryor on September 08, 2021
Category: X-Ray Lead Aprons


There are many types of protective apparel and supplies to help shield harmful radiation. Along with barriers and shields, wearing an x-ray lead apron is a good way to protect yourself and your patients. Choosing the right x-ray lead apron is important for any imaging office, but there are many types of protective apparel you can pick. 


The best lead aprons for radiation protection depend on two main factors:


  • The amount of x-ray protection needed
  • The type of protection needed 


The amount of radiation protection needed refers to the coverage an x-ray apron or x-ray guard is providing. Full protection lead x-ray aprons offer the most complete coverage from radiation exposure among other aprons. With front and back radiation protection, aprons of this style shield you while moving around or turning away in an imaging office. Full protection lead garments are available as a vest, skirt, or apron.  


Front protection x-ray aprons offer only protection to the forward-facing parts of your body. Frontal aprons are designed to save lives, save time and save money. They also offer great protection at a more affordable cost. 


If you are only requiring lower body protection, consider a lap guard half apron. This style of safety is designed for many imaging applications. Most lap guards feature a unisex design and multiple sizes to meet multi-purpose needs even including protection specifically made for pregnant women. 


The type of protection needed refers to the core material of the safety garment. The type of material is either lead or lead-free. The standard in radiation protection is lead, but you can try a lightweight lead apron that is a different thickness. If you prefer a much lighter garment or do not want to wear a lead apron for radiation protection, you can opt for a non-lead or lead equivalent x-ray apron instead.


Once you know the amount of x-ray protection needed and the type of protection needed, the best lead aprons for radiation protection are manufactured from the highest quality materials and products. Learn more about Techno-Aide's Quality Verification here:




There are many other types of specialty apparel garments other than x-ray protection aprons that protect specific and possibly more vulnerable areas of the body.


Thyroid guards offer the wearer needed thyroid protection which is one of the most important things to consider during any imaging procedure. Also referred to as Thyroid Collars, products such as the Standard Thyroid Guard are the ultimate premium protection accessory to meet many needs and facilities. They are designed in multiple unisex sizes, both lead and lead-free options, many weight and thickness choices, popular fabric colors, and even embroidery options. 


If you are interested in ultimate protection, increased comfort, and a superior look, you may want to check out a No Binding Thyroid Guard. Or for more specific uses, there are mammography thyroid guards and pediatric thyroid guards


If you are looking for more wearable radiation safety items, consider using Radiation Gloves. High quality full coverage gloves or mitts provide premium radiation protection for the hands and fingers. Look for gloves that are durable and made of seamless lead vinyl fabric with 0.5mm Pb equivalency protection.


For your eyes, make sure to have radiation glasses as well. Read more about how to select the best radiation safety glasses.  


At Techno-Aide, we have a wide range of protective apparel and supplies. Please contact us if you need any help selecting x-ray radiation protection aprons or other supplies.