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Types of Disposable Xray Markers

Written by Ryan Pryor on January 24, 2022
Category: X-Ray Markers


Disposable xray markers, just like plastic and aluminum xray markers, are critically important to identify xray images. Disposable markers or "one-time-use" x-ray markers are useful indicators most often used in oncology and radiology to indicate particular areas on the skin. Disposable markers are usually self-adhesive and are placed directly on the skin of a patient before different types of imaging procedures. Some common disposable xray markers include:

Mammography Skin Mole Markers

Designed for mammography procedures, these markers are low-density and clearly show up when "in slice" and minimize slinky artifacts when "out of slice." Perfect for MLO exams as well as dense breast tissue, these lead-free, disposable markers greatly reduce repeat exams and are a must-have for any mammography use.

Mammography skin mole markers are crafted with non-metallic components to eliminate artifacts. These high-quality markers have premium adhesion to stay on the patient's skin longer and have an easy-peel adhesive-free tab for comfortable removal. Easy to identify 0.5" circular "mole" style design point highlights areas of interest.

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Mammography Skin Mole Markers

Like the former type of disposable markers, these mammography skin mole markers are specifically designed for digital breast tomosynthesis. 

Skin Dot Markers 

These disposable markers are used to prominently identify key areas during imaging. They can mark areas of pain, trauma, soft tissue masses, and document points of entry and exit. 

Skin Dot Markers are small, lead-free, easy to use, and disposable. They may quickly highlight ares like the nipples and identify masses during chest x-rays making them a perfect solution for mammography other imaging procedures.

Skin Arrow Markers

Like skin dot markers, these small skin arrow markers mark prominent areas during Rad/Oncology and mammography imaging. 

Skin Line Markers

Skin line markers are the ideal solution to mark scars during imaging. These markers are compatible with both analog and digital technologies and are perfect for quick and simple scar identification.

CT Non-Metallic Skin Dot Markers

This non-metallic style of disposable skin markers is designed specifically for use in CT to identify areas of pain or trauma, soft tissue masses, and to document points of entry and exit or highlight the nipples or identify masses during chest x-rays, mammography, and other imaging procedures.

Nipple Artifact Markers

Disposable nipple markers have an encapsulated 2mm lead ball that helps pre-determine and mark nipples, lesions, scars, artifacts, and any other areas of importance during imaging.

These disposable xray markers are quick, simple to use, and feature an easy peel-off design and self-adhesive backing. Each set comes with 10 neutral-colored markers mounted on 10 convenient strips for a total pack of 100 latex-free markers.

Specialty CT & MRI Skin Markers

Specialty disposable skin markers are designed for use in CT, MRI, Mammography, and diagnostic procedures to help quickly and accurately identify key areas during imaging procedures. They also help reduce the chance of cross-contamination between patients. Each 3.5mm thick marker features a 15mm outer diameter for quick, easy, and unobtrusive application. Specialty skin markers are MR safe and available in a box of 50 markers.

Specialty Skin Markers with 2mm Center Hole

These multi-modality markers appear as bright objects on CT and MRI scans and can also be seen on all MRI sequences. This type of marker has a 15mm outer diameter, they are 3.5mm thick, and they have a 5mm central axis hole. The 2mm inner center hole is suitable for the passage of a conventional hypodermic needle. These markers are also used for Image-Guided Surgery because they can provide a reference point on the patient's scanned images without tissue indent or any artifacts. These MR Safe markers are often used in Radiation Therapy, and come in a package of 50 markers.

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