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X-Ray Positioning Aids for the Whole Body

Written by Ryan Pryor on February 07, 2022
Category: X-Ray Positioning Sponges


"Head, shoulders, knees, and toes."


It's not just a classic children's nursery rhyme: These four areas of the body frequently require support from patient positioning devices during diagnostic imaging procedures.   


Among the many different types of x-ray positioning sponges, we offer a wide range of sponges and positioning aids for the whole body. Here's our lineup of some of our best-selling sponges to support your patients. 

Head & Neck Support

If you need help stabilizing a patient's head during imaging procedures, our ??Patient Head Immobilizer will accomplish this comfortably and securely. This superior immobilizer is made with a weighted base that will minimize movement to securely position the patient. The L-shaped style design includes coated sponges that are cushioned, cleanable, and will reduce imaging artifacts.


To provide support, try the Head & Neck Support Sponge. This top-of-the-line radiolucent sponge is coated for easy cleaning, and they are stealth to reduce artifacts during viewing. If you need multiple sponges, we suggest the seven-piece Coated Head And Neck Sponge Bundle

Shoulder & Back Support

To support the shoulders and back, the Vinyl Covered Comfort Pillow Body Wedge is an excellent way to ensure patient comfort, especially during long procedures. These premium vinyl-covered sponges are constructed from a high-density, lightweight foam. They are covered in a non-porous, cleanable, heavy-gauge, reinforced royal blue vinyl that is cleanable, fluid-resistant, and completely sanitary. 


Techno-Aide offers numerous body wedge options ranging from non-coated or coated, stealth or non-stealth, closed-cell, and varying angles. You might be interested in a Coated Wedge Sponge Bundle to have more than multiple size options.

Knee & Leg Support 

We offer a range of MRI positioners, including those for knee and leg support. The Nylon Covered MRI Knee Wedge Positioner is specifically designed with unique viscoelastic material for patient comfort. The latex-free, coated-nylon is flexible, fluid & stain-resistant, and features permanent anti-microbial properties for durability. 


With the many other positioning sponges for the knees and legs, you may be interested in Coated Leg Rests with Knee Cutouts which are available in small, medium, and large options. 

Toe & Foot Support

Finally, we carry plenty of choices for common foot support needs. The Patient Foot Immobilizer is ideal for CT usage and helps ensure a perfect image by decreasing exposure and exam time and increasing safety and productivity. This immobilizer is made of against the thick, durable, black vinyl plastic. It is uniquely designed with an easily adjustable hook and loop closure that securely holds the patient's feet at a 90° angle throughout procedures. Additionally, its compact design makes storage between uses convenient.


For more podiatry positioning needs, check out the Closed Cell Podiatry Axial/Sesamoid Weight Bearing Sponge. This closed cell sponge's 15° angle maintains positioning to visualize metatarsals, sesamoids, and plantar condyles. With a 300lb weight-bearing capacity, this specialty sponge is designed to facilitate imaging of longitudinal arch and lateral projection studies of both the feet and ankles.

So from head, shoulders, knees, and toes, we offer the best x-ray positioning sponges for any imaging or procedure requirement. If you would like to know more, refer to this Guide to X-Ray Positioning Sponges and Aids. And for proper maintenance, use this Sponges & Positioning Aids Cleaning & Care Guide. Contact Techno-Aide if you need any assistance-we are happy to help!