Apron Hub Apparel Sizing Guide

Tools for Scanning and Labeling Protective Apparel. Stay one step ahead of the inspectors and enhance your QA! All new garments manufactured by Techno-Aide include a scannable QR Code Serial Number label for automated or manual tracking. However, we realize that you may have older, unlabeled garments or garments from another manufacturer. To update all your protective garments, we have designed a retroļ¬t labeling kit so that your garments can be tracked utilizing the most up-to-date tracking technology available.

Apron Hub Date Tags 2019 from $14.00 AHDT19
2D ApronHub Scanner with Cable from $270.00 AHSCB
Apron Hub Eyelet Tool from $34.00 AHETL
Apron Hub Eyelets from $25.00 AHES50
Apron Hub Date Tags 2018 from $14.00 AHDT18
Apron Hub Date Tags 2017 from $14.00 AHDT17