As the medical community sees a growing population of bariatric patients, they must also be prepared with the right equipment to fit their needs. Treat bariatric patients with the proper dignity and care by making sure your facility has tools specifically designed for this subset of patients. Techno-Aide has bariatric lifts, wheelchairs and a variety of other products to ensure optimal treatment of bariatric patients.

Universal Patient Lift Sling from $303.00 BBLS-GFUP
Bariatric Stool from $587.00 BBP-62
Patient Lift from $3,333.00 BBLS-GF1050
Patient Chair from $1,330.00 BBHC-BC
Bariatric Stool with Locking Casters from $1,105.00 ZORB-MX03
MRI PVC Gurney-Bariatric from $2,040.00 MBG-6PV
Bariatric Platform Scale  from $3,429.00 BBHS-PL07
Belt Guard PLUS   from $60.00 BGB-2
Aluminum Bariatric Body Caliper from $57.00 CAL-21
Bariatric Wheelchair from $1,325.00 BBWI-HD
Bariatric Double Step Stool from $550.00 BBD-66
Antimicrobial Digital Platform Scale from $4,996.00 BBHS-APC
Bariatric Stretcher from $15,539.00 MBG-7GF
Bariatric Wood Step Stool  from $992.00 BHW-03