Techno-Aide is proud to offer a variety of firm high density vinyl bolsters for a wide variety of imaging needs. Reusable Vinyl Covered Bolsters and Wedges are manufactured out of firm high density urethane foam. This style features a durable heavy gauge reinforced royal blue vinyl outer covering. Sewn seams and tear resistant. These easy to clean bolsters, blocks, and wedges are radiolucent but seams will show. Provides excellent support! Custom bolsters are also available.

DEXA Head Bolster from $81.00 YVFJ
Bolster Block from $227.00 YVFP
Bolster Block  from $72.00 YVFH
Bolster Block from $170.00 YVF78
Bolster Block  from $81.00 YVFJ
45 Degree Cardiac Wedge from $220.00 YVDA
Cylinder from $157.00 YVFA
Semi Round Bolster  from $127.00 YVFB
20 Degree Bolster Wedge from $193.00 YVFC
45 Degree Bolster Wedge from $219.00 YVFD
20 degree Bolster Wedge  from $277.00 YVFE
Endo Ultrasound Vinyl Wedge from $484.00 YVFZ
Bolster Block   from $106.00 YVFG
Bolster Block from $118.00 YVFK
Knee Pillow Wedge Bolster from $320.00 YVF40
Vinyl Covered Bolster Kit from $775.00 YSU6
30 Degree Cardiac Wedge from $366.00 YVDB
DEXA Block from $351.00 YVFQ
Bolster Block from $127.00 YVFI
DEXA Positioning Kit from $608.00 TI-SET
30/60/90 Degree Bolster Wedge from $227.00 YVFU
Vinyl Covered Bolster Kit from $399.00 YSU1
Knee Wedge Bolster Positioner from $370.00 YVFM