Carts, Cabinets & Racks

For all of your utility medical carts, racks and cabinets, look no further than Techno-Aide’s impressive inventory of storage devices. Whether it’s MRI, equipment and mammography printer carts, stackable shelves or digital support carts, we offer the best on the market. Make your everyday equipment mobile or keep your facilities organized with our sleek, durable storage devices. Come visit us at the Techno-Aide website to learn more about our extensive catalogue.

Extra Large Lockable Storage Cabinet from $2,882.00 MSC-61
2 Shelf Specialty Cart from $754.00 UC-Z99
Locking Medical Cart from $1,125.00 PCC-4D
Mobile Equipment Cart from $2,989.00 BCS-85
MRI Large Universal Cart from $1,045.00 MSC-02
MRI Cart from $630.00 MSC-03
MRI Cart from $630.00 MSC-04
MRI Cart from $784.00 MSC-06
Stainless Steel Utility Cart  from $606.00 BCS-73
MRI Supply / Linen Cart from $1,440.00 MCC-08
X-ray File Cabinet  from $860.00 608A
X-ray File Cabinet  from $1,015.00 618A
X-ray File Cabinet from $1,355.00 628A
X-Ray Cabinet 2-Tier  from $545.00 622XST
X-Ray Cabinet 2-Tier from $900.00 642XST
X-Ray Cabinet 3-Tier from $808.00 633XST
X-Ray Cabinet 4-Tier from $945.00 634XST
Large Activity Cart from $1,152.00 CRC-41
Imaging Plate Transport Cart, Mini from $1,152.00 CRC-24
Tall CR Imaging Receptor Cart from $1,152.00 CRC-38