Darkroom & Viewing

Techno-Aide provides an extensive catalogue of darkroom and viewing supplies for imaging facilities. We offer viewboxes with a different number of banks, all of which have the benefit of being slim and easily manageable. Standard film bins, safelights, illuminated door signs and mobile holders for viewboxes are all available in our online store. Techno-Aide supplies the highest quality darkroom equipment on the market. Visit our website to learn more about our darkroom offerings.

Technovision Single Bank W/FAS from $475.00 VVS-11
Technovision Four Bank W/FAS from $1,800.00 VVQ-41
Single Bank Viewbox Illuminator from $325.00 VBS-10
Mammography Viewbox from $605.00 VBM-24
Mobile Holder for Single Viewbox from $1,005.00 MCH-41B
Mobile Holder for Double Viewbox from $1,068.00 MCH-42B
ID Printer from $645.00 IDP-33
Illuminated Sign: X-Ray In Use from $178.00 SLU-XR
Bulb: Red View Light from $6.00 BRV