General Accessories

When it comes to x-ray accessories, no other medical supplier can match Techno-Aide’s extensive inventory of products. Whether it’s receptor covers or 5-legged base items required by OSHA, Techno-Aide has you covered. We offer stools, cart drapes, x-ray shields, stretcher pads, flexible lead blockers - and that’s just beginning. Come visit us for any and all of your x-ray supplies.

Sterile X-Ray Cassette Covers from $275.00 CCO-2021
Contrast Warmer from $2,358.00 CW-201
Apron Hub Date Tags 2019 from $14.00 AHDT19
Gel Warmer: 4 Bottle Unit from $360.00 UGW-U04
Step Stool With Handrail from $99.00 BSH-65 clearance
Lateral DR Plate Holder from $320.00 40LDH
Spin-Lift Adjustable Stool - 5 leg  $325.00 from $225.00 BAS-40
Trash Can / Waste Recepticle from $165.00 BPT-6
Flexible Lead Blocker  14 from $160.00 FLB-90
Radiology Step Stool - NEW! from $1,189.00 WMP-726
Antimicrobial Digital Platform Scale from $4,500.00 BBHS-APC
Mayo Stand $235.00 from $195.00 BMS-80 clearance
Wheelchair Transfer Board from $134.00 TBW-1830
Weight Bearing Protector| 10 x 12 from $1,025.00 WBC-1012W
Bariatric Wood Transfer Board from $255.00 TBW-1835
Weight Bearing  Protector | 14 x 17 from $1,050.00 WBC-1417W
Wheelchair Transfer Board from $102.00 TBW-0824