General Accessories

When it comes to x-ray accessories, no other medical supplier can match Techno-Aide’s extensive inventory of products. Whether it’s receptor covers or 5-legged base items required by OSHA, Techno-Aide has you covered. We offer stools, cart drapes, x-ray shields, stretcher pads, flexible lead blockers - and that’s just beginning. Come visit us for any and all of your x-ray supplies.

Eco-Series LED Light from $603.00 BEL-98
Wheelchair Transfer Board from $75.00 TBW-0824
Weight Bearing  Protector | 14 x 17 Tethered from $1,060.00 WBC-1417T
Wheelchair Transfer Board from $85.00 TBW-0830
Scooter Stool - NEW! from $175.00 BAS-04
Sterile Drapes from $240.00 SED
Mobile Imaging Caddy from $95.00 PMA-C4
Step Stool from $400.00 BHW-05
Caution Sign - Spanish from $15.00 CRA-18
Mobile Radiation Lead Shield X-Ray Barrier from $5,400.00 PBMB-4830
Oxygen Cylinder Cart from $159.00 BO2-EC
LED Surgical and Dental Procedure Headlight from $1,010.00 LES-HL
Sanicloth BLEACH - Orange Top from $230.00 GWP-B12CS
Double Step Stool with Handrails from $510.00 MBD-72
Mobile Radiation Lead Shield X-Ray Barrier from $7,800.00 PBMB-7236
Caution X-Ray Sign from $20.00 CRA-15
Glove Box Holder from $50.00 MBP-GB