General Accessories

When it comes to x-ray accessories, no other medical supplier can match Techno-Aide’s extensive inventory of products. Whether it’s receptor covers or 5-legged base items required by OSHA, Techno-Aide has you covered. We offer stools, cart drapes, x-ray shields, stretcher pads, flexible lead blockers - and that’s just beginning. Come visit us for any and all of your x-ray supplies.

Exam Gown, Disposable from $65.00 GXE-55 CLEARANCE
True-Wipes (Lint Free Wipes) from $55.00 TW-200
Mobile Equipment Cart from $2,275.00 BCS-85
CR / DR Receptor Rack from $458.00 MCH-05
Alcohol Free Disinfectant Wipes from $170.00 GWP-WAFCS
CR / DR Receptor Rack - Wide from $578.00 MCH-10
Scatter Shield 36 X 8 from $162.00 SSR-36
CR CART DRAPE - For AGFA CR30-X from $1,320.00 TDP-C30
MRI Mayo Stand from $1,010.00 MBM-80
CR Cart Drape - For AGFA CR10-X from $375.00 TDPC-10
Blanket Warmer from $10,500.00 BW-1400
Small Portable Blanket Warmer from $645.00 BWS-03