Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a process that requires specialized sponges designed just for MRI rooms. Techno-Aide provides a vast offering of sponge positioners ranging from bolsters to wedges to burn pads. Ensure the safety, cleanliness and efficiency of your MRI facility with our MRI sponge positioning products by browsing the Techno-Aide website.

Adjustable Height Stretcher from $16,240.00 MBG-TR102
MRI Rectangle Positioner from $292.00 MFP-01
Knee Pillow Wedge Bolster from $320.00 YVF40
MRI Rectangle Positioner from $307.00 MFP-02
MRI Rectangle Positioner from $327.00 MFP-05
MRI Wedge Positioner from $336.00 MFP-03
MRI Wedge Positioner from $359.00 MFP-04
MRI Curved Wedge Positioner from $358.00 MFP-06
MRI Neck Roll Positioner from $499.00 MFP-07
MRI Knee Wedge Positioner from $739.00 MFP-10
Contoured Leg Rests from $1,197.00 YMCG
5.5 $102.00 from $41.00 YCEZ
Body Comfort Wedge Pillow from $288.00 YVFV