Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a process that requires specialized products designed just for MRI rooms. Techno-Aide provides a vast offering of products ranging from safety signs, cleaning tools, oxygen systems and transportation devices. Ensure the safety, cleanliness and efficiency of your MRI facility with our MRI products by browsing the Techno-Aide website.Look for many NEW Products that are safe up to 7 Tesla!

MRI Bariatric Chair from $1,888.00 MBC-80BC
MRI Hand Held Metal Detector from $370.00 MBM-MD
MRI Stainless Steel 18 from $578.00 MBC-40FT
MRI Super Wand from $415.00 MBM-SW
MRI Coil Cart from $2,357.00 MCC-5S
MRI Stainless Steel Doctor Stool from $841.00 MBC-40CT
MRI Conditional Sticker from $25.00 MBN-01
Double Hamper from $560.00 MLH-2WX
Screening Magnet from $804.00 MBM-LG
MRI Breakaway Lock Carts from $7,385.00 MCC-6D
MRI Stainless Steel Doctor Stool from $923.00 MBC-40ST
MRI Wheelchair 20 from $3,430.00 MBW-20EL
Screening Magnet Carrying Case from $166.00 MBM-DS
MRI Breast Biopsy Positioning Kit from $1,968.00 MFP-BBK
MRI Stainless Steel Doctor Stool from $1,229.00 MBC-40CTB
MRI Positioner & Pad General Kit from $1,935.00 MFP-GNK