Techno-Aide takes great pride in the fact that we are constantly offering innovative and helpful products. We make it a top priority to have our inventory reflect the constant change and advancement in our field. Whether it’s protective apparel, ergonomic furniture or x-ray markers, Techno-Aide is first on the scene when it comes the new and exciting x-ray accessories.

5 Arm Apron Rack from $850.00 ARM-105
New Multi Tubular Apron Rack from $950.00 ARM-500
Veterinary Immobilizer Set from $355.00 YVCK
Magnification Headband from $126.00 MH-
Improved X-ray Imaging Chair from $304.00 ZBCH-WS23
X-ray Imaging Chair with Arms from $434.00 ZOES-BC47A
X-Ray Imaging Chair from $376.00 ZOES-BC47
Opticide Apron Disinfecting Cleaner from $19.99 GWP-OPTICIDE
Tie Guard Apron from $158.00 EP
Contrast Warmer from $1,850.00 CW-201