Oncology / PET

Techno-Aide takes great pride in the fact that we are constantly offering innovative and helpful products. We are pleased to offer an array of high quality clinical chairs and accessories for oncology & PET Imaging departments.

Arrow Skin Marker from $79.00 SDM-A612
PET Resting / Injection Chair  from $4,433.00 CMT-IC06
Skin Arrow from $125.00 SDM-A1
Skin Dots  3.0 mm from $149.00 SDM-BB30
Skin Dots  4.0 mm from $149.00 SDM-BB40
Hand Disinfectant Wipes  from $108.00 GWP-B65CS
Sanicloth BLEACH - Orange Top from $308.00 GWP-B12CS
Deluxe Extra Wide Clinical Recliner from $4,433.00 CMT-IC06
Three Position Clinical Recliner from $2,278.00 CMT-IC03
Deluxe Drop-Arm Clinical Recliner from $2,683.00 CMT-IC05
Blanket Warmer from $5,865.00 BW-210
Blanket Warmer from $11,278.00 BW-710
Blanket Warmer from $18,948.00 BW-1400
Oncology Marker from $32.00 RO-107B
Small Portable Blanket Warmer from $822.00 BWS-03