Patient Handling

We offer the highest quality products to help you take care of your patients. Whether it is patient immobilizing straps, infusion therapy chairs or our variety of bolster blocks and wedges, we can provide whatever you’re looking for to take care of your patients’ needs.

3-Stair Defecogram Chair Combo from $2,800.00 CRH-DFS
Lateral Decubitus Positioner from $588.00 TBC-2214
Weight Bearing Platform Stand from $2,730.00 WMP-22
Aluminum Bariatric Body Caliper from $57.00 CAL-21
Wheelchair Transfer Board from $163.00 TBW-1830
Lateral Chest Support System from $1,866.00 RLC-36
Leg Support from $599.00 LGS-09
Bariatric Wood Transfer Board from $313.00 TBW-1835
Wheelchair Transfer Board from $118.00 TBW-0824
Wheelchair Transfer Board from $121.00 TBW-0830
Lateral Chest Support System - 48 from $1,978.00 RLC-48
Small Portable Blanket Warmer from $822.00 BWS-03