Gel Pads & Positioners

Gel pads and positioners are x-ray translucent and aid in pressure distribution. Durable outer cover protects against punctures and tearing. Made of a solid cross lined polymer that will not leak, ooze, or evaporate. Non-conductive surface. Supports weight evenly without bottoming out. They are Hypoallergenic, Latex FREE, Silicone FREE, and are Plasticizer FREE. They are antimicrobial and anti-bacterial. Can be heated and cooled following appropriate instructions. 1/4” gel is equivalent to .51mm Aluminum. Does NOT harden over time

Supine Head pad from $356.00 YG-2011
Gel Table Pad with Cutout from $151.00 YG-100
Leg and Knee Pads from $30.00 YG
Flat Gel Pads from $30.00 YG
Elbow Gel Pad from $58.00 YG-5025
Gel Knee Crutch Pads from $100.00 YG
Lateral Gel Positioner from $632.00 YG-3026
Gel Thoracic Positioner from $328.00 YG-3025
Heel Cup Gel Heel Protector from $62.00 YG-4004
Heel Dish Gel Pad from $58.00 YG-5025
Trapezoid Gel Positioner from $142.00 YG-3035
Ulnar & Brachial Nerve Protector from $87.00 YG-5012
Contoured Armboard Pads from $160.00 YG-502
Flat Armboard Pads from $56.00 YG-500