Stealth Core (Non-Coated) Sponges

Non-Coated Sponges are an economical means to help position patients during various radiology examinations. Available in standard and firm composites. They provide the support needed with hard-to-position patients. Non-Coated sponges are virtually invisible in the x-ray image. But they don't provide the cleanable barrier in between patients.

6 from $5.00 YFBQ
Rectangle Kit from $38.00 YKRA
General Sponge Kit X from $236.00 YKGX
Adult Extremity Kit from $246.00 YKAA
Trauma Kit A from $142.00 YKTA
Special Procedure Kit from $275.00 YKSA
Non-Coated Clinic Bundle A from $63.00 YKCA