Coated Sponges

Coated Sponges provide a barrier to the foam which allows technologist to clean the surface in between patients. This barrier meets OSHA and Joint Commission Requirements for cleaning and safety for patients. Coated sponges provide the barrier required for cleaning, but do to the additional chemical coating required for this barrier, minimal shadowing with low attenuation.

Coated Clinic Sponge Bundle A from $263.00 YSCA
Coated Clinic Sponge Bundle B from $544.00 YSCB
Coated Bariatric Sponge Bundle from $569.00 YSBA
Coated Pediatric Sponge Bundle from $403.00 YSPA
Coated Wedge Sponge Bundle A from $317.00 YSWA
Coated Wedge Sponge Bundle B from $320.00 YSWB