Positioning Aides

Positioning Aids are valuable tools for Vets and technologist who image animals. Techno-Aide manufactures a variety of aides to help you get the job done and the image you need the first time!

Veterinary Immobilizer Set from $355.00 YVCK
Calipers from $57.00 QCAL-21
Lateral DR Plate Holder from $265.00 Q40LDH
Mobile Cassette/Cr-Plate Holder from $1,328.00 QMCH-33B
Equine Cassette/CR-Plate Holder from $318.00 QNE305
Small Animal Transporter from $78.00 QATS-30
Medium Animal Transporter from $99.00 QATM-39
Large Animal Transporter from $120.00 QATL-48