Proper patient positioning is a critical component of any pre-op or radiology procedure. Every hospital, clinic, and medical school needs to equip their personnel with high-quality medical sand bags to promote patient comfort, stability and also offer compression near a surgical site. Our high-quality compression sand bags are easily sanitized and non-absorbent, promoting a hygienic and sterile surgical environment. Made from durable non-porous commercial-grade vinyl, each sandbag is designed for years of worry-free resistance to wear and tear. Secure sealing of the medical sand bags eliminates any potential tears or leakage.

5 Lb. Cervical Sandbag Set from $60.00 SBK-CA
10 Lb. Cervical Sandbag Set from $70.00 SBK-CB
20 Lb. Cervical Sandbag Set from $80.00 SBK-CC
10-Lb Ac Joint Sandbags Set from $88.00 SBK-AC
10-lb Sandbag SET with Handles from $93.00 SBK-HL
Angiographic Sandbag Set from $132.00 SBK-FA
Angiographic Sandbag Set from $100.00 SBK-FB
General Sandbag Set from $205.00 SBK-GB
Pediatric Sandbag - 5 Piece Set from $135.00 SBK-PA
Pediatric Sandbag Set B from $85.00 SBK-PB
Compression Sandbag Set from $150.00 SBK-CO
Sand bag 1 lb from $24.00 SBP-01
Sandbag 2 lb from $24.00 SBP-02
Sand bag 3 lb from $24.00 SBP-03
Sand bag 5 lb from $32.00 SBP-05
Single Sandbag; 5 Lb.  from $32.00 SBF-05
Single Sandbag; 5 Lb.  from $32.00 SBC-05
Single Sandbag; 7 Lb.  from $36.00 SBG-07
Single Sandbag; 7 Lb.  from $36.00 SBF-07
Single Sandbag; 10 Lb.  from $37.00 SBF-10