The first step to protecting employees, visitors, and patients against dangers in the radiology department is keeping them informed of hazards and threats that surround them.

Radiation Area Sign from $15.00 CRA-17
Sign: Caution Energized from $13.00 CRE-18
Caution X-Ray Signs from $15.00 CXR-13
Darkroom Do Not Enter Sign  from $15.00 CDK-11R
Darkroom Do Not Enter Sign  from $15.00 CDK-11B
Sign: MRI from $20.00 CMF-01
MRI Sign from $30.00 CMM-06
Caution Sign - Spanish from $15.00 CRA-18
No Food/Drink/Cellphone Sign  from $20.00 NFD-22R
MRI Sign Mag. Always On (Spanish) from $41.00 MBN-16S
MRI Zone 1 Sign from $62.00 MBZ-01
MRI Zone 2 Sign from $57.00 MBZ-02
Pregnant Sign Bilingual  from $20.00 PS-08R
MRI Zone 3 Sign from $57.00 MBZ-03
MRI Zone 4 Sign from $57.00 MBZ-04
MRI Zone General Diagram Sign from $72.00 MBZ-FD
Caution X-Ray Sign from $20.00 CRA-15
Valuables Sign  from $20.00 VS-10ER
Illuminated Sign: Darkroom In Use from $178.00 SLU-DK