Skin Markers

Skin markers are one of the most important tools that technologist use. These radiographic markers give rad techs the ability to highlight specific areas of the skin through the use of bb markers, wire markers, semi-translucent, & scar tissue wire markers. Save time, improve accuracy, enhance communication, and provide a better patient experience. Techno-Aide offers many different types of radiology skin makers. Our product line consists of a broad range of radiologic skin markers for mammography, breast biopsies, radiation therapy, MRI, CT scans & general radiology. Our markers have been designed to fix the problems associated with older or outdated markers-artifacts, burnouts, & skin irritation. We offer skin markers for both analog & digital. Best of all our skins markers are 100% lead free which makes them environmentally friendly. 100% latex free which makes them patient safe!

Arrow Skin Marker from $79.00 SDM-A612
Skin Marker 1.5mm from $79.00 SDM-BB15
Skin Marker 2.0mm from $79.00 SDM-BB20
Skin Marker 2.5mm from $79.00 SDM-BB25
Skin Arrow from $125.00 SDM-A1
Skin Line  1.0mm from $95.00 SDW-SS612
Skin Dots  3.0 mm from $149.00 SDM-BB30
Mole Marker from $79.00 SDG-M612
Skin Dots  4.0 mm from $149.00 SDM-BB40
Digital Mammography Skin Strip 2.3mm from $113.00 SDM-NS23
Skin Dots (Rad/Oncology) 5.0mm from $149.00 SDM-BB50
Skin Strip  2.5 mm from $113.00 SDM-NS25
Skin Wings 1.5mm  from $79.00 SDM-W15
Skin Wings 2.0 mm   from $79.00 SDM-W20
Skin Wings 2.5mm  from $79.00 SDM-W25
Nipple Marker  from $52.00 LNA-20