Table Pads

Techno-Aide is your source for Table Pads. Radiolucent, fire-retardant, resists fluid absorption. Can be used for imaging tables or gurneys. Fabricated for durability and longevity. Affordable for each imaging room. Several Foam choices available for your patient's comfort needs.Custom Imaging Table Pads are also available. Call 800-251-2629 for more information.

Economy X-Ray Table Pad from $118.00 PAD-51
Table Pad & Rack Set: Standard from $168.00 PAD-S1
Table Pad Storage Rack from $63.00 PAD-R2
Premium Table Pad from $395.00 PPA
Premium Memory Foam Pad from $595.00 PPAM
Gel Table Pad with Cutout from $184.00 YG-100
Leg and Knee Pads from $58.00 YG
Flat Gel Pads from $79.00 YG
CT Table Pad  from $318.00 PAD-SP