Techno-Aide is is proud to present a diverse line of durable non-magnetic MRI transportation products including: MRI gurneys and stretchers, MRI wheelchairs, MRI transport chairs and MRI bariatric wheelchairs. We have built a reputation of excellence in the industry for supplying quality MR conditional wheelchairs and MR conditional transport chairs, as well as MRI gurneys, stretchers, and transport accessories and MRI wheelchair parts.

MRI Wheelchair 18 from $2,891.00 MBW-18
MRI Wheelchair 20 from $3,653.00 MBW-20EL
MRI Wheelchair 20 from $3,100.00 MBW
MRI Wheelchair - 24 from $4,360.00 MBW-24
MRI Bariatric Wheelchair: 24 from $6,198.00 MBW-24B
Non-Ferromagnetic MRI Wheelchair 20 from $3,379.00 MBW-20NF
Non-Ferromagnetic MRI Wheelchair 24 from $6,150.00 MBW-24NF
Non-Ferromagnetic MRI Wheelchair 22 from $4,073.00 MBW-22NF
MRI PVC Wheelchair from $1,558.00 MBW-02
MRI PVC Wheelchair from $1,450.00 MBW-03
MRI PVC Wheelchair from $1,715.00 MBW-04
MRI PVC Gurney from $1,844.00 MBG-3PV
MRI Transport Gurney from $10,636.00 MBG-LCP
Non-Ferromagnetic Folding MRI Gurney from $11,300.00 MBG-450
Adjustable Height Stretcher from $16,240.00 MBG-TR102
MRI Clamp on IV Pole for MBW-02 from $99.00 MBW-02-IV
IV Pole & O2 E Tank Mount from $261.00 MBW-10
IV Pole for Fixed MRI Gurney from $395.00 MBG-IV
MRI Approved Transport Gurney/Stretcher from $10,968.00 MBG-6SS